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director PETR KUBÍK



is a director (33) who always tells the story with a visionary approach. Due to his skills as a VFX supervisor and editor, he always things ahead in the matter of postproduction which results into a sofisticated final scenes.

In the storytelling he mostly focus on the power of imagination. For example in his debut Montenegro he created a character of Andjela who is always imagining certain situations - how they could happen. Peter then confronts this imaginations with the reality.

His biggest commercial success was TV film Lost Legion which was succesfully sold to the Hollywood studio Lions Gate and feature film Montenegro which has been distributed into the cinemas throughout the whole Europe.

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Director movie showcase

2020 - Princess stranded in time ( feature film )

2016 - Montenegro ( feature film )

2014 - Lost Legion ( TV film )

2013 - Those from Elben Valley ( documentary )

2009 - Seniors between us ( TV documentary )

2009 - Trying to get up ( students film )

2008 - Homeless by my mistake? ( TV documentary )

2008 - Final Adventure ( students film )


Tel: +420 607 267 830


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